We teach kids the way
they want to learn

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E1 is the first Ecosystem aiming to inspire, empower and support the educational K-12 journey. We are a unique company providing first-rate, accessible, mass-market solutions for households, parents, students, and teachers.

Flexible learning that leaves no child

Children naturally want to learn, but the available methodologies, resources and structures often don’t fit their needs. Some kids fly through. Others need more handholding. Many get lost in the shuffle – either bored and underperforming or over-challenged and discouraged.

Our platform is built to motivate students, to give them
autonomy, support and encouragement.

Digital education with a social impact

We know education is the path out of poverty and the key to a good and happy life so we are using our deep tech knowledge to end the cycle of global poverty one young mind at a time. The E1 platform gives all learners free, anytime access to high-quality education that continually adapts to fit their needs, interests and learning styles.

Amazing content

The E1 system has an extensive and ever-growing library of exercises, supporting explanations and exams that teach, test and reinforce in a clear and easy-to understand way.

Personalized paths

Machine learning and AI are used to continually adapt the learning journey of each student, so materials always fit their level of understanding and learning style.

Invisible learning

When enjoyment is high, effort is natural! Students learn with ease, absorbing knowledge and gaining skills in a way that makes learning seem invisible.

Rewards + gamification

The platform leverages kids’ love of games, levels and prizes to engage their motivation. Its reward system uplevels underperforming students while helping top performers to thrive.

Student autonomy

Learners have visibility of both progress and learning gaps. They get access to all the content they need to resolve doubts and are encouraged to revisit subjects until they achieve mastery.

Built-in support

The platform’s friendly tone, fun interface and positive language make students feel encouraged and at home. We’ve received over 32K thank yous from students!

Our Vision

E1 was born out of a desire to help every kind of learner feel encouraged, supported and excited about education. Our platform has been enriching young minds for over 20 years and currently counts more than 11M active students. We are evolving fast to meet the needs of this new generation.

AI driven customization

With machine learning, AI and other technologies our platform creates a gamified, hyper-customized and automated learning experience that lets students progress with ease.

24/7 tutor exchange

E1 is opening an online marketplace where teachers and tutors can offer their services. Students just tap for help and pay by the minute. A rating system will ensure that educators are effective and top quality.

Career-geared education

The E1 platform not only offers essentials, like Math and Reading, it is also currently integrating with specialized learning platforms that teach the subjects students need to thrive in the world, such as Coding, Finance, and English.

Scholarship funding

No child will be left behind. Our educational funding framework is in development. It will pool from private investments, corporate sponsors and development organizations to offer sponsorships to kids in need.

Get onboard!

This is a very unique moment in time and we are determined to use edtech to leverage it and give children everywhere in the world access to an exceptional online learning system that fits the way they learn and live and grow.